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Where Is Soccer’s Colin Kaepernick?


Unfortunately, racism is nothing new in soccer, and its continued existence has perpetually plagued and marred the beautiful game.

The most recent example comes from Germany where 29-year-old star

LeBron James Is The Lineage Of The Black Athlete’s Wildest Dream


But, let this be a true statement about professional sports for any of you who may ever be considering it. Professional sports is a profession. The owners are never going to be in love with you. Never. Theyre in it to make money and youre in it

Standing Up And Having The Courage To Ignore White Rage In The NFL


The NFL didnt have to do this. 

They didnt have to collude against Colin Kaepernick and

Athletes Today Have A Lot To Learn From The 1968 NYAC boycott


Fifty years ago, on February 16, 1968, Americans witnessed the power that Black athletes working in solidarity wielded. 

In the midst of the revolt of the Black athlete, a Black athletic revolution highlighted by

The Venerable Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Holds Court on Ali, Kap and More


The venerable Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is uniquely suited to speak upon the current sociopolitical atmosphere. His basketball accolades are the stuff of legend, having been the proverbial St. John the Baptist at the dawn of sports activism, Kareem witne

Colin Kaepernick And The Power Of Sports To Transform America


Donald Trump and

Texas High Schoolers Protest During Anthem And Get Kicked Off Of Team


We've seen the Kap effect spread across the NFL and to other sports, including the WNBA, volleyball and even

Trump Comments Inadvertently Galvanize NFL Toward Protest, Resistance


Just when you think youve seen it all, you wake up to find the President of the United States is attacking entire swaths of private citizens due to their refusal to relinquish the rights granted to them as American citizens in the Constitution of t

With His Kaepernick Stunt, “Kid” Proves That He Ain’t Our Type Of Hype


Anyone who follows sports media at all knows that Jason Whitlocks soul was sold a long time ago as it per