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Charles Oakley Would Rather Go To Jail Than Give The NBA A Pass


Nothing's really been resolved between Charles Oakley and James Dolan, even after the reconciliation attempt by Michael Jordan and Adam Silver. When asked by

The Diary of Isiah Thomas, Part II


Read "The Diary of Isiah Thomas, Part I" here.


Clippers fined for pursuit of DeAndre Jordan


Remember the whole Deandre Jordan Clippers/Dallas Mavericks fiasco earlier this summer?

Sure you do.

Well the NBA has decided to fine the Los Angels Clippers $250,000 for their involvement, stating that they may have violated leagu

TSL’s Phony Sony Interview With A Facsimile of Sacramento Kings Owner Vivek Ranadivé


Disclaimer: This interview is a depiction of the author’s imagination and is as real as Sony’s Interview with Kim Jong-Un.

The surprising free time that James Franco and Seth Rogen found themselves

2014 NBA Foreshadowing: Time To Hit The Campaign Trail



Who needs a Ghostbusters reboot when the Knicks have Phil Jackson in the front office pulling the strings of Derek Fisher and Carmelo Anthony lik

Donald Sterling Refuses To Make Like A Basketball And Bounce


If you thought Donald Sterling was going to eat that lifetime ban, $2.5 million fine and be strong-armed out of his LA Clippers team, then y

A River Runs Through It As Doc Becomes New Face of Clippers


At its surface, the Clippers probably won’t look much different at the beginning of next season, but their front office in the midst of shedding its dermis while the ownership situation is in flux.

With Donald Sterling out of the pict

Dear Black Church,


Dear Black Church,

It is with a considerable amount of care and trepidation that I stain a white page with these words. Because I am so sick and tired of seeing the black

Donald Sterling Entitled To The Loot, But Not The Clippers


In a perfect scenario, Donald Sterling wouldn't win in any way in this mess.

But it doesn't work like that.

For sure, it's not a popular position, but Sterling deserves to reap all the money from the sale of his Los Ange

While You Were Working: 1.9.13


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