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Celebrating 15 Years Of Tobey Maguire’s “Spider-Man”


The Spider-Man movie directed by Sam Raimi and starring Tobey Maguire celebrates its 15th anniversary today.

At the time I believed it was the best comic book movie that I had ever seen from an acting and casting perspective. Raimi

Neighbors Molly-Whoops Amazing Spider-Man 2 at Box Office


Do you remember seeing all those previews for Amazing Spider-Man 2? They likely excited some of you comic book loving folks seen from bus stop canopies to Times Square billboards.  Based on last weekend&

Spider-Man Spins a $90 million Web This Weekend


The box office estimates for the week preceding Cinco de Mayo and, as was expected, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is punching all the competition in the mouth with $92 million in Weekend gross from the May 2 throug

Eye on Film: The Amazing Spider-Man 2


The ballyhoo and fervor that was built up by the anticipation of Amazing Spider-Man 2 may explode into embers of nothingness right before your very eyes. But to truly put it all in perspective we have to go b

The New & Improved Spider-Man 2 Trailer


Peter Parker is at it again. Sony Pictures has released an international clip for the upcoming movie The Amazing Spider-Man 2. In this trailer, Spider-Man is lined up against three classic adversaries which include The

“We May Not Always Agree, But I Want To Wholeheartedly Apologize To LeBron” |...

Basketball legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has been critical of LeBron James of late. The Hall of Famer has referred to acts that he considers to...

‘His Instagram Meme…Was A Blow To His Worthy Legacy’| Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Continues To Call...

On Friday, Dec. 24, Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James shared a popular Spider-Man meme comparing COVID-19 to the flu and colds. Former Laker...

Mahershala Ali Cast As Blade For MCU Film Reboot

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has had the superhero film genre in a headlock for over the past decade. And with the announcing of their...

VIDEO: Samuel L. Jackson On Why John Shaft Is The Original Black Superhero

What is a superhero? Well, that depends on who you're asking. What is a superhero? Well, that depends on who you're asking. When it comes to...

Folks Can’t Cope With Twilight Star Chosen As New Batman

People already hate the idea of Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne, but let's give it a chance. From Grant Gustin on The Flash to Chris...