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NBPA Prez Chris Paul Has Another Fractured Organization To Heal


Chris Paul is quickly becoming the go-to lifeguard for drowning NBA entities. Two years ago, he arrived in Los Angeles as the force expected to save the league’s most moribund franchise from self-inflicted injuries. The Clippers had been gush

Good Morning: Aaron Hernandez Has His Day In Court Today


Aaron Hernandez is due in court today where he is likely to be indicted by a grand jury.


Alex Rodriguez told his lawyers t

Philly Fans Gave Donovan McNabb The “Nice Guy” Stiff Arm


NFL fans and women are one and the same. Ladies say they want a nice guy, but when one steps to 'em, they throw up the deuces. Likewise, NFL fans complain about the lack of role models in pro sports, but for over a decade, the Eagles fans were

While You Were Working: MLB Catchers Were Left Out Of The Head Injury Discussion


Twins catcher Joe Mauer became the fifth player at the position currently on the Major League Baseball concussio

While You Were Working: Bill Belichick Likes What He Sees In Tim Tebow


Bill Belichick was asked if Tim Tebow was moving in the right direction and said he definitely was. Often considered short with the media, Belichick still makes a habit of dropping something worth giving a second thought. 

Here's w

Please JAM: The Bamboozling Kendrick Lamar


(Editors' note: And you might have expected, Kendrick Lamar took over this week's PJ.)

Big Sean ft. Kendrick Lamar & Jay Electronica - “Control”