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Donald Trump’s Sports Twitter Beef And Culture War Heats Up


Because of an image honed on a reality television show and co-signed by mainstream American media for over 30 years, Donald Trump is President of the United States.  This man, who foregoes all known decorum to bicker with private citizens on t

The Golden State Warriors Are Still The Class of The NBA


The NBA season is 10 games in and the storylines are as intriguing as predicted when the offseason produced a flurry of major moves that shifted the balance of power a bit in each conference. Its still too early for real basketball heads to draw an

Lakers Display New Brotherhood That Is Emerging


John Wall and the Wizards are looking pretty stupid right now. Not only did they talk hella junk about w

Stephon Marbury Returns To NYC To Help NYU Freshmen Find Their Way


Stephon Marbury has gone from a being considered a phenom to an NBA All-Star to an NBA castaway. Now, he's a virtual basketball god in China after winning

Game Of Thrones: The Black Barbershop Breakdown


A new topic of conversation has emerged in the barbershop and other sacred places where we gather to talk about things from our own unique perspective, places where we are historically free to express ourselves, from our own cultural vantage po

The NBA Summer League: Survival Of The Fittest


Plenty of NBA fans tune into summer league play to watch their teams rookies in pro action for the first time. For some, its a fun, casual way of watching hyped draft picks and assessing where they stand before throwing them into the regular season

The Top NBA Sleeper Free Agents That Could Seriously Help A Contender


Between the Phil Jackson drama with the New York Knicks, speculation of w

Celtics, Lakers, Sixers Positioning To Draft Back To The Future


The way that the Celtics, Sixers and Lakers have been moving and shaking while contemplating trades and swapping draft picks, the stage is being set for a return to the 80s when these franchises ruled the NBA landscape and played hot potato with NB

Patrick Ewing And The Success Of Black Male Role Models 


Nearly 36 years after a tall, lanky freshman stepped onto the court at Georgetown University and changed college basketball forever, history repeated itself when it was announced that Hoya legend,

The Media Polarization of Black Athletes


The UCLA Bruins lost to the Kentucky Wildcats by 11 points in the Sweet 16, ending their college basketball season. But you wouldnt know that if you were watching your favorite sports show on mute. Other than DeAaron Fox of the Wildcats, the person