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The Tackle: Starring Ken Houston


The Cowboys and Redskins have hated each other since the series began in 1960 and the rivalry has blossomed into one of the greatest in sports. The two franchises have won eight Super Bowls combined and even in the rare down years, each

NFL May Expand Playoffs In 2015


NFL Commisioner Roger Goodell says that the playoffs may expand in 2015, according to a recent article in Pro Football Talk. Goodell discusses how the expanded playoffs would work.


Brown Men Throwin’: Black QBs Always Land Feet First In Minnesota 


Throughout NFL history, many black QBs have encountered obstacles preventing them from breaking into the league and hanging on long enough to realize their potential.

The majority surely received more quick hooks than second looks. While so

The Enforcer: Kenny Easley


When you think about the hardest hitters in NFL history who are the names that first come to mind?  LT, Ronnie Lott, maybe even some of you old-schoolers would call the name Steve Atwater, or even further back, Dick "Night Trai

The Dime Week 3: Things Are Getting Hectic In San Francisco


1. Trading Trent. I don’t care if the Browns won this weekend. There’s no denying that they

Good Morning: The Pittsburgh Pirates Finally Ended Their 21-Year Old Playoff Drought


The Pittsburgh Pirates clinched their first playoff spot in 21 years, beating the Chicago Cubs 2-1 and spraying the Wrigley Fie

Good Morning: Clemson Managed Not To Clemson Against NC State


N.C. State nearly dished out some deja vu to the Clemson Tigers, who fell to the Wolfpack on the road a couple of years ago in surprise fashion, but couldn't complete the comeback against a Clemson squad with a wide open schedule until they mee

The Dime Week 2: QB Questions Galore


1. New ninjas. They express their deepest and darkest secrets on social media. They openly thirst for women on Instagram comments. And now, the

Tony Dungy Believes Kirk Cousins Is Better Fit Than Immobile Robert Griffin III


Last season, RGIIII reached cult status fairly quickly. It wasn’t just in D.C. though. I heard Cowboy fans seriously extolling the virtues of RGIII as the best player in the NFL. You can only imagine the hyperbolic hero worship that was going

Cover 3: Things Went Straight Loco In Week 2


1.) Best game of Week 2, go.

GAMBLE: If a game between two teams competing for the right to draft Louisville&