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Fela Kuti: The Man Every Rapper Wants To Be


The man was Muhammad Ali, Che Guevara, and James Brown rolled into a tightly packed spliff that constantly burned with fiery inspiration. One million people, as in six zeros, attended his funeral. Most rappers don’t see six zeros until IRS

The Weekend Made Them Do It: 50 Cent Tests Manti Te’o


After being tapped by NASCAR to help plug race car driving to Black audiences, a few NFL owners reached out to 50 Cent to help lead a special project on potential signees Manti Te'o and Nick Kasa. That is, unofficially. The more candid 50 exp

If The Battle Is Between Pit Bull and Lil Wayne, Then We’ve All Lost


Lil Wayne publicly hates the Heat. He tosses the F-bomb at King James, like LBJ was Trina or something. He says he banged Mrs. Bosh. One minute I’m looking at Mr. 305 getting jiggy in

This Can’t Be Life: 9-Year-Old Rapper Named Lil Poopy Being Investigated By Child Services


Meet rapper Lil Poopy. The bizarrely named Poopy earns as much as $7,500 per performance and has performed in upscale nightclubs with fellow artists French Montana and Diddy. He goes by the nickname Cocaine Cowboy and collaborates with a group kn

New Flash For Larry Foote: “The Code” Is Extinct


I understand why Larry Foote’s tight that a Pittsburgh Steelers teammate is running his jibs to the press and hiding behind the witness protection program of anonymous quotes.

The Steelers laid an egg last season, and someone is

Stuntin’ On All-Star Weekend


The stories you are about to hear are not fiction. They are not embellishments. They are true and they are undisputed. Mostly, though, they are wickedly fun behind-the-scenes looks into what goes down during the NBA’s most celebrated weeken

Your Weekend in Tweets 2.18.13


Kyrie Irving introduced himself to the casual basketball fan. Dwight Howard made a three and got clowned for existing. Kobe Bryant showed he still has it and LeBron ate a small piece of humble pie. All-Star weekend brings out the best and worst o

When Did Black Folks Stop Sangin’?


Although we’re a week removed from last Sunday’s Grammys, that voice still haunts me. I am driven to my favorite bourbon just to keep the cringe-worthy noise from totally enveloping my soul. At night, I break out into cold sweats. The

Nicki Minaj Bottoms Up, The Internet Bottoms Out


Nicki Minaj loves the Barbz – her legion of fans. She misses them. She sends them love. She sends them postcards.


Racepalm: That’s Not The Harlem Shake, White People


Like many of you born around the time Michael Jackson started to appear looking like he could be Vanity’s first cousin, a trending topic on Twitter referencing the “Harlem Shake” threw me