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So We’re Narcing On College Kids Now?

Early Friday morning, after UCLA frosh Shabazz Muhammad scored 23 points to lead the revived UCLA Bruins over Arizona, Yahoo!'s Pat Forde (a journalist we here at TSL respect and admire a great deal) wrote a piece ("With Gucci backpa

Christmas Day NBA: No Baggage, All Ball


Last season, the NBA had the benefit of using Christmas as the launchboard for the regular season, with a host of the usual suspects ready to make a splash into that ball-so-hard life. Now? We’re almost two months in, and, for once, the lea

While You Were Working: 12.6.12


Today, a story emerged that Roger Goodell is thinking about removing the kickoff from the NFL.


Good Morning: 11.22.12




Kobe dropped 38 points, but the lethargic Lakers lost to the Kings. Mike D&

TSL’s 5-On-5: But Can He Coach, Though?


Coach firings and hirings have driven the NBA news cycle for the past few days. We dig in...

QUESTION 1: What separates a good (or even really good) coach from a "championship-caliber" coach?<

Good Morning: 11.13.12




LeBron scored 38 to take the Heat past the Rockets. Meanwhile, the Cel

TSL 5-on-5: Who’s Dope And Who’s DooDoo


QUESTION 1: Was James Harden the second best player on the Oklahoma City roster all along and we just didn't know it?

: James Harden is very talented, and his versatility puts him in the two-spot

Basketball Gods Keep Crushing Eric Gordon


One step forward. Two steps back.

Eric Gordon’s pro career has been one major setback after another. Every time the 23 year old holds a full house, the basketball gods drop straight flushes and confiscate his chips.

At 6&r

TSL Co-Sign: Winter Essentials


The cornerstone for any weather-ready wardrobe is a waterproof, breathable jacket. Opt for a more versatile shell jacket rather than a fully insulated jacket so you have the option to layer depending on the seasons and conditions. When shopping f