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Starter Is Coming Back For The Title Belt


If you’re between the ages of say, 30 and 42, you likely have fond memories of the Starter athletic company. Back in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, Starter was a hot ticket. It dominated the fashion marketplace and became synonymou

Dwight Howard Doesn’t Deserve To Be A Max Player


It’s about time for Dwight Howard to reassess his market value. Actually, he needs to lower his standards. Not in women, cars or clothes, but in the superstar respect he thinks he deserves from the NBA community.

Dwight Howard is s

It’s An NY Knicks City And The Brooklyn Nets Are Just Living In It


There had never been buildup to a franchise's relocation in NBA history like the New Jersey Nets’ decade-long slow drift to New Jersey. When Russian billionaire Mikhael Prokhorov brought the franchise,

Atlanta Braves’ “Soul Patrol” On The Hunt For Black Legitimacy


There’s something special cooking in Atlanta and it ain’t mama’s fried peach pie.

The ingredients — by baseball’s recent standards — are rare, but the flavor’s nostalgically remarkable and it&rsq

TSL Top 5: Scoping Out The First Round’s Top Matchups


Fan File: Blake “Braveheart” Griffin


(Editor's note: Periodically, we'll pass the mic to a super-fan to drop some knowledge. Today, Dustin Harris tells us why we've been understimating Blake Griffin.)

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