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Unforgettable Game, Regrettable Fame 


Those self-righteous proponents of a PED-free baseball world, slung mud and stones and pointed fingers at Alex Rodriguez, contributing to a growing perception that he was

It’ll Take A Minute, But The HOF’s Future Is Tight  


It’s becoming increasingly clear that players under PED suspicion will be looking at a padlock on the Hall Of Fame door for some time.

There’s not much that can be done for those players. They are victims of a Hall Of Fame (HOF)

Chris Davis is Crashing HR Record Parties


The Chris “Crash” Davis watch is going to be a must-see during MLB’s second half. In fact, the more homers he hits, the more h

Raul Ibanez Is A Freak Of Nature 


Raul Ibanez is a straight cheater.

We’re not talking steroids or other PEDs. The 41-year-old Seattle Mariners basher is cheating Father Time, Mother Nature and the omni

Pirates “Pitt of Hell” Is Blazing Their Comp’


The last time TSL wrote about the Pittsburgh Pirates, Andrew McCutchen and the boys were trying to turn baseball’s Saigon in

The Arrogance of Ryan Braun and the Latest PED Suspects


MLB is back at it again. It’s on that head-hunting chase for performance-enhancing drug us

Good Morning: JR Smith Continues To Get Ridiculous


JR Smith. What more can I say? The Knicks went on to win game two.