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Rec Center: Django Unchained


A few weeks ago I predicted that Spike Lee was going to react over the concept of Quentin Tarantino’s latest offering, Django U

Rec Center: The Hobbit


Eleven years ago Peter Jackson brought to life J.R.R Tolkien’s timeless novel about adventure, magic and other kinds of wonders that you’d say only a child’s imagination could conjure up. The Lord of The Rings trilogy b

Twenty Years Ago, “Malcolm X” Changed The World…


Twenty years ago I had a manifest destiny moment. When I say “I”, I mean people like me. When I say people like me, I mean people with names like mines. For me, err, for us, going to the movies to see Spike Lee’s Malcolm X

5-on-5: Stern’s Diversity/Cultural Legacy



(Editor's note: When Stern took over in 1984, the league was just coming off the '"too black" '70s era.  He rode the Bi

The “Black Quarterback” Is Dead


Last month, Cam Newton was one of two GQ cover boys – the other was Tim Tebow. The Tebow piece, like so many written about him, was partly an assessment of Tebow’s cultural standing. The title referred to him as a

The Boxer Your Favorite Boxer Feared



If you Google “the most avoided fighter in boxing,” the results aren’t who you might expect. There isn’t any mention of Floyd Mayweather Jr., Manny Pacquiao or Mike Tyson. Most articles are about a 31-year-