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Racism in European Soccer is a Disease; Mario Balotelli is the Cure


“There is no such thing as black Italian.”

These were the chants Mario Balotelli heard while on the pitch for Inter Milan. Those chants exemplify the kind of attitudes which surrounded Balotelli growing up in northern Italy,

Good Morning: 1.22.13



Who's the best team in New York? We'll have to wait until the playoffs to find out, as Joe Johnson's game

Good Morning: 1.17.13


Oh, hello there. Not much to see here. Only that Manti Te'o's inspirational story of his girlfriend who got in a car crash and had leukemia was a hoax

Good Morning: 1.16.13


The Chicago Bears hired Marc Trestman fresh from the Canadian Football League where he won consecutive Grey Cup championships

Good Morning 1.15.13


Lance Armstrong has admitted to doping in an interview with Oprah Winfrey. After confirming what everyone prett

Adam Scott: We Feel For You, Homie


Straight up – I’d have been standing in a water works puddle if I were Adam Scott. Scott is a G. After such a stunning lack of composure on his last four holes, to tourn around and actually maintain his composure as he p