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Rec Center: The Hobbit


Eleven years ago Peter Jackson brought to life J.R.R Tolkien’s timeless novel about adventure, magic and other kinds of wonders that you’d say only a child’s imagination could conjure up. The Lord of The Rings trilogy b

Twenty Years Ago, “Malcolm X” Changed The World…


Twenty years ago I had a manifest destiny moment. When I say “I”, I mean people like me. When I say people like me, I mean people with names like mines. For me, err, for us, going to the movies to see Spike Lee’s Malcolm X

Reel Talk: Anthony Anderson


We’ve seen him take on a number of roles over the years, but even when he’s in a serious movie like, say, The Departed, he always seems to hit us with the comic relief.

The 42-year-old Anderson, who’s dropped n

Reel Talk: Alex Cross


I understand that for every Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Willis -- basically the entire Expendables cast -- there’s only been one Shaft or one Action Jackson. Sure Denzel and Sam L. Jackson have seen their share of c

Any Given Saturday: Week 7


Auburn owes Cam Newton more money.

The NCAA could never prove if cash actually changed hands for the Carolina Panthers’ pseudo-Superman – the

MLB Playoff Preview: Who’s Getting To The Series?


And then there were eight teams left in the

Jay Pharoah nails Obama.


Four years ago, when Tina Fey was blowing up with her Sarah Palin impersonation, Jay Ph