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Dwyane Wade Has More Style Than You


Dwyane Wade has always done things a little differently than other athletes. Wade came into the league with a flashy sense of style and harnessed his interest in fashion by hiring a stylist to build ensembles. He’s managed to leverage his lov

Can Jozy Altidore Bear US Soccer’s Crown?


Jozy Altidore scored his first international goal in his first start for the US Men’s National Team, heading in the go-ahead score in a game that ended 2-2 against Mexico. It was a lot more than a debut goal. It legitimized hope for soccer

While You Were Working: Jacoby Jones’ Celebrity Status Keeps Rising


Jacoby Jones had one of the biggest reputation turnarounds sports has ever seen with his MVP-worthy performance in the Super Bowl. Dude never lacked for personality; it was just his hands and his head that couldn't seem to get right when he p

TSL Q&A: OG Charles Oakley Mostly Hates The 21st Century NBA


As the curtains on 2013 NBA All-Star Weekend draw to a choreographed opening, sometime over the next few hours, Commissioner David Stern will make his way to a nearby “Space City” podium to deliver his always glowing state-of-the-leag

DeMaurice Smith and the NFLPA Aren’t Playing Games When It Comes To Player Safety


DeMaurice Smith recently went on ESPN Radio 980 to discuss NFLPA’s issues with way the Redskins handled the injury to RG3 and the field conditions at FedEx Field.

It’s good to see Smith holding the NFL’s feet to the fir

Tim Duncan Reps For The Old Heads


Last month, Tim Duncan and the San Antonio Spurs really pissed David Stern off. Three days after quietly becoming only the ninth player in NBA history to rack up more than

Rec Center: Central Park Five


For the past few years New York City has been hailed as a sort of mosaic city. A city where people of different colors, cultures and beliefs come to peacefully co-exist amongst one another and continue to add to the melting pot that is the Big Ap

It’s Not Your Grandpa’s Game Anymore



They are to basketball players like sprinkles are to ice cream sundaes. They define the players that inhibit their places, their spots on the floor. The attributes of who and how a position is filled on the basketball co

Any Given Saturday: Week 6


Jeff Craddock had lost his mind.

The head coach at Tarboro High School, Craddock did not play Todd Gurley as a freshman or sophomore — "People kept asking me, 'Are you crazy

The TSL College Football Preview: SEC Superiority, “Denard or Barkley?”, Pay for Play


If it doesn't yet feel like Groundhog Day, it's because you're vulnerable – we all are.

We are all victims of our own self-perpetuating belief in the possible, even if those possibilities do not exist. We don't get