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San Francisco Is Floatin’ On Cloud 49


The 49ers are a testament to becoming comfortable in uncomfortable circumstances. It started with Jim Harbaugh’s secret courting of Peyton Manning during the spring of 2012 after Alex Smith nearly impelled the 49ers into Super Bowl XLVI. No o

TSL HIGH HEAT: The Trial of Robinson Cano  



Year One 411 On Cano Deal

Robinson Cano ended up being an All-S

TSL High Heat: Roll Out The Royal Carpet Again For The Kansas City Kids


Last season the Pittsburgh Pirates were the 2014 Kansas City Royals; a MLB franchise with a proud, rich history but stuck in an abyss of stingy owners, horrible players and 100-loss seasons.

Last September the baseball world was celebrating

Tony LaRussa and The MLB Hall Of Fame Asterisk


Tony La Russa had a chance to stop the madness, put clarity on steroids and the Hall of Fame.

Instead of a rambling speech, naming friends and telling stories about his years gone by in baseball, La Russa could have delivered a speech all o

MLB Home Run Derby: One Player’s Perceived Poison Is Another’s Perfect Power Play 


The Home Run Derby in MLB isn’t for everybody. Players like Oakland A's masher Yoenis Cespedes participate and generally thrive in this competition because they're searching for recognition beyo

The Country Needs A Boost. Keeping With U.S. Tradition, President Obama Turns to Baseball 


We knew President Obama had love for the NBA. He flexed his rock and rim prowess on several occasions. The NFL’s Super Bowl Sunday is epic and the prez always has a pick. His NCAA Tournament Bracket is also always official. A self-p

The Race Debate In Pro Sports Inspires Jealousy, Mistrust And Shots At Historically Easy Targets


Thanks to Donald Sterling and TMZ's unintended partnership, and the way it flipped the NBA upside down for a couple of days, race has once again moved to the forefront of conversations concerning spo

Michael Pineda Has A Foreign Substance Abuse Problem


Yankees pitcher Michael Pineda’s has a substance abuse problem worse than Jordan Belfort’s. Martin Scorcese's Wolf of Wall Street

Albert Pujols’ 500-Homer Chase Is A Bore, But That’s Baseball’s Fault


The Steroids Era is considered over, but its lasting negative effects on the way today’s MLB stars are perceived, make Albert Pujols’ “Road to 500” much less anticipated and celebrated than it s

Alex Rodriguez Finally Faces The Music 


Alex Rodriguez finally melted under the burden of proof and the suspended New York Yankees third baseman ab