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Aaron Hernandez Is Testing The NFL’s “Teflon Don” Status


For a league constantly in a tug-of-war between players’ individual rights and the overall viability of the league, last week was a major moment for the NFL. When one of the best players on one of the two or three most popular and visible tea

Serena Williams And Maria Sharapova’s Beef Is Real


Rivalries in sports aren’t uncommon. However, personal beef that extends beyond the playing field and plays out in front of the media’s eyes is a rarity. Twitter beefs don’t count, either. They typically blow over in 140 character

VERSUS: “Takeover” vs “Ether”


(Editor’s note: We’d like to welcome TSL readers to a new series, “Versus.” The name says it all, right? Periodically, we’ll take songs, artists, films, athletes – and anything thing else that has spu

Running From Race: Tiger’s Isolation on the PGA Tour


Because guilt is a mutha, Sergio Garcia shook Tiger Woods’ hand Monday at Merion in advance of the U.S. Open. It was hard to tell who most wanted the moment – and all the controversy – to end, but one would have to guess it was Wo

Dwyane Wade Has More Style Than You


Dwyane Wade has always done things a little differently than other athletes. Wade came into the league with a flashy sense of style and harnessed his interest in fashion by hiring a stylist to build ensembles. He’s managed to leverage his lov

While You Were Working: Floyd Mayweather Kept Making Money


Floyd Mayweather keeps racking up the wins and raking in the big bucks. For the second straight year,

Good Morning: Phil Jackson Was Hired By The Pistons (To Find Them A New...


Phil Jackson was hired by the Detroit Pistons to aid their coaching search. He doesn&#

Jason Collins And The Plague Of Identity Politics


We shouldn't care nor is it our business who Jason Collins has sex with.

Jason Collins coming out as gay is on the cover of Sports Illustrated as big news. I know this because all the talking heads in the media tell us that. They als

While You Were Working: The Cubs Were Thinking About Moving


Cubs owner Tom Ricketts wants a new scoreboard at Wrigley Field, and says he'll move the team if he can't get it. 


The Jacksonville Jaguars Prove Again Why They Are A Clown Franchise


Jacksonville Jaguars receiver Justin Blackmon has the gift and the curse. We all know 1...143144145...150Page 144 of 150