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Andre Berto vs. Victor Ortiz Highlight The Fight Weekend


Boxing dominates a weekend that will see two brothers both looking to reach former glory, Mayweather Promotions putting on a double header in D.C. and a rematch five years in the making.

Friday, April 29th


The Yankee Brass Urges Players To Emulate Russell Wilson, Not Cam Newton


The NFL season has been over for weeks and the Denver Broncos are Super Bowl 50 champions.  Meanwhile, the Carolina Panthers have slunk back to their comfortable abodes, their tails between their legs, licking wounds, as a fire stokes until

Our Game 2: MLB Goes Sunday Stadium Retro With “Dressed To The Nines” Day 


Eric Newland and George Dalton are two brilliant baseball minds and Negro League fans and historians that I've recently gotten a chance to meet and spend time with, just shooting the breeze about America'

Al Haymon: Is America Ready For The Reticent Anti-Don King?


Simply put, not since Don King has a black man incited the ire of the boxing public like Al Haymon.

His enigmatic persona both perplexes his competitors while stupefying the sleuth media who are deciding what to

The Black College Quarterback – Syracuse University’s Don McPherson Part II


This is Part II of our feature story on former Syracuse University quarterback and college football Hall of Famer, Don McPherson. You can r

The Black College Quarterback – Syracuse University’s Don McPherson, Part I


When Don McPherson strapped on his first set of shoulder pads at the age of eight, as his father watched his initial youth league practices with great anticipation, the football field was the last place on e

Ezekiel 15: Urban Meyer’s Revamped Philosophy Ran Elliott and the Buckeyes Through The Valley of Duckness


Put this recent surge of quarterback throwzinis aside and Ohio State has always been a leading running back manufacturer nationally. From Archie Griffin, Eddie George, Maurice Clarett, Keith Byars, Chris Wells, Dan Herron to Robert Smith. Conversel



This is Part II of our feature story on former Dallas Cowboy great and current ESPN NFL Analyst Darren Woodson.

Lance Stephenson And The Indiana Pacers’ T.I. Problem


Floyd Mayweather showing up courtside for Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals was a sign for the Miami Heat and LeBron James. If T.I. shows up in Indy for Game 5 decked

Have Modern Athletes Found the Fountain of Youth?


Professional athletes represent the modern gladiator class of America. Like those men whose blood, sweat and pain powered crazed audiences into ravenous applause at the ancient Roman coliseum, these men dedicate their