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LeBron James Will Bypass Players Association Position


LeBron James phoned his Heat teammate and NBPA secretary-treasurer James Jones on Monday, to let him know there wouldn't be a run for president by the greatest player in the game. It was a fun idea to entertain for a while, with the voice

Good Morning: Yu Darvish Is Toying With The American League


Yu Darvish lost his perfect game on a poor call in last night's game, but dominated the Houston Astros (again), chalking up 15 strikeouts. Darvish has recorded

LeBron James Confirms His Passive-Aggressive Campaign For NBAPA President


LeBron James hasn't fully committed to making a run at becoming the next NBAPA President, but the four-time NBA MVP is already speaking like a potential union leader.

While at a charity event in Akron, James gave a bit of reasoning behi

King James Has Dreams Of Becoming NBAPA President


LeBron James' may be done with Team USA but apparently he's not finished with his NBA takeover. According to FOX Sports, King James is mulling the idea of running for NBAPA President after sitting president Derek Fisher's contr

Your Weekend In Tweets: 5.6.13


This weekend was jam-packed. NBA Playoffs have entered the second round and we get to see who’s really a contender. LeBron James is now a four-time MVP, which puts him in a very special category. Floyd Mayweather taught Robert Guerrero an u

The NBA Players Association Is Going For The Gusto


Since the ugly lockout of ’11 when many players felt executive director Billy Hunter negotiated them a raw deal, the NBA Pla

Good Morning: 2.5.12


LeBron James had a near-perfect game last night as the Heat beat the Bobcats, scoring 31 points on 13-14 shoo

While You Were Working: 2.1.13


BIlly Hunter was put on an indefinite leave of absence by the National Basketball Player's Associat

Billy Hunter Given Leave Of Absence


Billy Hunter has been placed on an indefinite leave of absence by the NBPA according to reports from Yahoo sports