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Teddy Bridgewater is Getting The Kendrick Lamar Grammy Treatment


Award season in entertainment is the closest equivalent to the summer of drafts in the Big Four sports. Just as top nominees awkwardly squirm while cameras capture their stoic emotions as presenters open an envelope containing the winner’s na

Victory! 12 Years a Slave Takes the Oscars


Ladies and Gentlemen: It was a good night for movies, black film, and Hollywood as a whole as the 86th Annual Academy Awards seemed to clearly sing and ring out the names of two amazing films: 12 Years

Road From The BCS: College Football Hits The Reset Button


We've been stuck here longer than apocalyptic traffic on the

Texas Longhorns Hooking Charlie Strong Crosses Diversity Rubicon


It's a new day in Texas for black men embedded within college football's coaching world.

It's not enough of a social tectonic shift for the RNC to start another

Chicago’s Lambo Has A Flat Tire


Two years ago, the Chicago Bulls roster was a vanguard roster with new plates and spinning rims. However, as the rest of the league began selling out for All-Stars since the 2011 Eastern Conference Championship, the Bulls went into

Denard Robinson And The Jags QB Platoon Are Doomed


It’s a mystery that NFL execs and coaches have been trying to solve for ages. How many creative ways are left in an NFL playbook to inventively make use of a phenomenal at

The Chicago Fire Part 2: Derrick Rose Is Catching Heat For Watching Bulls Get...


There was a time when Derrick Rose was the NBA's most beloved superstar. However, his image has taken an uppercut to the chin over the last few months. In conjunction with his brother's disparaging comments about the Bulls roster, his dec

Rewind: The Nets Put A Beat Down On The Bulls


In classic Brooklyn fashion, the Nets came out storming in the first playoff game in BK since the Dodgers left for Los Angeles. They dominated the Bulls, who couldn't get anything going offensively and looked like Swiss cheese on defense. Der

The Modern Black Athlete Archetype Has Changed, But Tiger Woods Has Not


Tiger Woods’ return to the congratulatory glare of a halogen-powered spotlight isn’t surprising. Despite how dire things may have looked a few years ago, his comeback was easily predicted. You get more than one shot in America. Look a