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The Shadow League Movie Review: The Raid 2


So, you say you like martial arts films, huh?  You don’t have any problems reading subtitles, do you? You said you like seeing people get their mugs pushed in with agonizing slow-motion shots and excruciati

Aaron Hernandez Beat The Bricks Off An Inmate


Aaron Hernandez is a long way from the flashing lights, fan fare and NFL football paradise which featured him as one of its rising stars. Hernandez 

Jamie Foxx for the People


This weekend, Jamie Foxx was on hand in Miami Gardens, Florida to support Trayvon Martin’s father Tracy, and mother Sybrina Fulton, as part of a rally that featured hundreds o

The Seminal Cult-Classic The Warriors Turns 35-Years-Old.


What is the definition of a cult classic? It must transcend time and strike to the very heart of a particular subsection of society, its belief system and thought processes. For Generation Xers growing up in New York City there are very few movies

The Thug Narrative


I’ve been sitting back over the last two weeks, like Bill Duke’s character in Menace to Society as he sits across the table from Kane, legs crossed, calmly flipping through the case folder during the film’s classic interr

12 Years a Slave vs. American Hustle



UPDATED January 16, 2014, 3:56pm

UPDATED January 17, 2014, 4:48am

Some of the greatest films often start at the end. So let's just

SCREEN TIME: American Hustle vs. 12 Years a Slave


Some of the greatest films often start at the end. So let's just get to the point: American Hustle is not better than 12 Years a Slave. It's good. But not better.