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The ‘Gate: Philly Edition



Tucked about a mile away from Lincoln Financial Field – where gridiron gladiators battle, far from the pricey parking lots – gathers a group of tailgaters who have seized a piece of land for their own like squatters th

The Nickel: Week 4


(Editor's note: Some of us ignored an epic Ryder Cup and a bunch of drama on HBO and Showtime to overdose on football all day. Now's the time where we digest what we consumed. We poached Vinnie Goodwill, Nubyjas Wilborn, Brandon Scott

Broken Clutch


I’m still a Twitter novice, familiar enough to know how to use it to keep in touch with people but still new enough that I smirk at terms like “tweef” and “twitterverse.” As such, there is one hurdle of that I just c

Magic Johnson Turned Down Golden State Ownership Out of Respect For Lakers| In The...

Magic Johnson recently appeared on the “Club Shay Shay” podcast, and the NBA legend told host Shannon Sharpe that he almost became a part-owner of...

“I Was Salivating Over This Guy” | Vikings Special Teams Coach Matt Daniels Has...

Last week, the Philadelphia Eagles traded 2020 first-round pick Jalen Reagor to the Minnesota Vikings. The speedy Reagor was drafted to bring the speed...

Terrell Owens Snags Cover Of Madden 19 Hall Of Fame Edition


It took a minute, but Terrell Owens is finally getting his due as one of the greatest football players to ever hit the gridir

Terrell Owens Has No Regrets


The population of Alexander City, Alabama is less than 15,000, so the odds of going on to become famous and universally recognized among the best in ones chosen profession are slim. 

Brown Men Throwin’: Cam Newton Paved The Way


(Editor's note: "Brown Men Throwin'" is a new weekly feature here at The Shadow League that we're running throughout the NFL season. This is by no means a feature meant to ghettoize or marginalize the black men playin