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West Region Wrap, Day 3: Wichita State Put The Zags In The Trick Bag


At a certain point, we stopped expecting a certain level of quality play in college basketball. And that’s fine if you know what to expect.

After taking in the Butler-Marquette thriller Saturday, the end result felt a little contri

TSL Q & A: Isiah Thomas


Isiah Thomas’ eyes served as his built-in GPS system, strategically roaming St. Sabina Church until he had systematically mapped out the whereabouts of every single gang member who’d dared to attend his and Rev. Michael Pfleger’

Poetry With Metta World Peace


The brilliant folks at The Barnstormer have put together Metta World Peace quotes in form of poetry. It is astonishing that no one has done this before.

Colin Kaepernick Climbed The Ladder To Success Escalator-Style


When San Francisco 49ers HC Jim Harbaugh shelved starter Alex Smith in favor of a second- year cat from the University of Nevada (Reno), he had reporters questioning his sanity and fans asking, “Who the heck is Colin Kaepernick?”<

Rec Center: Gangster Squad


I have to believe that if it wasn’t for Josh Brolin and Emma Stone, Warner Bros. would’ve killed, wrapped up and buried Rueben Fleischer’s Gangster Squad right next to Jimmy Hoffa’s scrotum. Not only because it wa

TSL’s 5-On-5: But Can He Coach, Though?


Coach firings and hirings have driven the NBA news cycle for the past few days. We dig in...

QUESTION 1: What separates a good (or even really good) coach from a "championship-caliber" coach?<

Checkin’ in with CyHi the Prynce


CyHi is a 28-year-old rapper from Atlanta, GA, who looks ready for big things. After a surprise verse on Kanye’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, declaring he would be on God’s iPod, and working on Cruel Summer, Th

NFL Preview 2012: Part 1 (NFC)


Another NFL season is upon us and we know what you want to do. You want to watch all the Sunday pre-game shows, officially make pizza and wings a food group and most of all you want everyone to know that you’re the smartest person in the ro