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The Boxing World Would Be Better If Shannon Briggs Was In The Mix


Time to keep it real with you all, my guilty boxing pleasure is definitely watching Shannon "The Cannon" Briggs. The two-time heavyweight champ hasn't fought since May 2016 but has mastered the art of staying relevant in the social media generation

2017 TSL Fighter Of The Year: Anthony Joshua


Anthony Joshua is the TSL FIghter of the Year. Now before you go there, we know what you are thinking: how does a guy has yet to unify all of the titles in his division receive such a high distinction? 

To be honest, the choice over undi

Lonzo Ball Opens Up About His Love And Gratitude For His Dad


Over the last few months, LaVar Ball has taken the media landscape by storm. Whether it was his outlandi

Portland’s Rain Men Are A Dark Cloud Hovering Over Golden State’s Splash Brothers


If a tree falls in a forest and nobody is around, is anybody sure if it makes a sound? Conversely, if a brush fire breaks out and nobody notices, does the damage it wreaks touch anyone? Thanks to some hot shooting that's melting rims aroun

The Foreshadow League, Week 7: Is It Mississippi State’s Time or Is Their 15 Minutes...



3:30 pm on CBS, Saturday 

Let freedom ring throughout Davis Wade Stadium.  The am

Hypothetical NBA Playoff Awards


The playoffs have winded down and the offseason is upon us, but the only playoff performers that will be honored all play for the San Antonio Spurs. That's not right. So TSL is here to fix this injustice. Here are the hypothetical pla

The Retirement of Mr. Me Too


As the 2013-2014 NBA season kicks off, we also say goodbye to Allen Iverson, who LeBron James considers to be

Good Morning: Luol Deng’s Illness Made Him ‘Really Scared’


Luol Deng has lost 15 pounds while dealing with a bad flu, and says the symptoms put him on edge and made him

Your Weekend In Tweets: 4/29/2013


Russell Westbrook became the latest star player added to the "out for the season" list. That injury has made the Western Conference a wide open race. Spurs were dominant against a defeated Lakers team, a team that was so defeated its st

The Nickel: Week 6


QUESTION No. 1: Dez Bryant dropped a potentially game-tying two point conversion. Is he the most unreliable elite receiver in the NFL?

VINNIE: The “Elite” category has no mor