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While You Were Working: 1.31.13


Dan Marino admitted to having an affair and a child with a CBS employee. Ray Lewis and Chris Culliver send thanks.

Lip-Synching or Not, Beyonce the Perfectionist is Going to Kill It at The Super...


If you give any credence to astrological signs, the idea that Virgos are perfectionists is no surprise. That is a sign defined by driven, detail oriented folks like Kobe Bryant, Michael Jackson and Beyonce Knowles. So the fact that she pre-record

Louisville Is Eatin’ At The Grown Folks Table Now


Sure, Louisville dropped a Big East nail biter to Syracuse over the weekend (and to 'Nova last night), but it would behoove you to disregard that quickly. What you need to know, is that the grass hasn’t been this green in the Bluegrass

Josh Hamilton Goes To Hollywood


From the time he was a five-tool phenom at Athens Drive High school in Raleigh and then the No. 1 pick of the

Rec Center: Central Park Five


For the past few years New York City has been hailed as a sort of mosaic city. A city where people of different colors, cultures and beliefs come to peacefully co-exist amongst one another and continue to add to the melting pot that is the Big Ap

TSL’s Celebrity Roundtable: Thanksgiving Edition


As everyone gathers around to bask in the American pastimes of gluttony and gratitude, some of your favorite stars want to share what they are most thankful for in honor of Thanksgiving. The sentiments may not appear genuine, but the shade is

Good Morning: 11.13.12




LeBron scored 38 to take the Heat past the Rockets. Meanwhile, the Cel

Reel Talk: Skyfall


If there’s one thing I came away with after watching, Skyfall, it was beauty. The beauty of Sam Mendes’ vision coupled with Roger Deakins cinematography, the beauty of Adele’s theme song and the beauty of Daniel Craig&r