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Ray Lewis Bleeds Baltimore


(Editor’s note: Few athletes rep their city the way Ray Lewis has repped Baltimore for almost two decades. He is Baltimore. When he announced his retirement, we wan

Chris Paul Makes The Clown-Clippers Contenders


Jeremy Lin is closing in on Chris Paul for the starting spot of the Western Conference All-Stars. More on that later.

Let’s begin, though, with the Los Angeles Clippers and their recently snapped win-streak and what it says or does

The DeMarcus Cousins Conundrum


Joe Kleine. Harold Pressley. Kenny Smith. Ricky Berry. Pervis Ellison.

Lionel “L-Train” Simmons.Travis Mays. Duane Causwell. Anthony Bonner.

Billy Owen

What’s Poppin’ 2013?




My intuitiveness is usually limited to something like if

Ray Lewis Will Retire As The Baddest Man Of His Generation


He’s been the two-decade, Baltimore Ravens constant. The flavor energetic in his dance. The only active player from the first ever Ravens contingent. Thirteen Pro Bowls. Ten time All-

An Open Letter To Rick Ross And The Gangster Disciples, by Kevin Powell



I write this open letter with a great deal of sadness in my heart, and a great deal of concern for you, my brothers, my Black brothers.

Roger Goodell’s Iron Fist Is Turning Into Silly Putty


NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is taking L after L these days. Just years after establishing his reputation as an iron fist commissioner, shrewd businessman and strong instrument of change, the legend of Goodell’s ultimate authority has bee

Andrew Wiggins Is Already A Star


Canada is as celebrated for its hoop exports as the U.S. is for its wealth of hockey talent. However, in recent years, there’s been a sudden shift in the Canadian basketball scene. In 2011, Tristan Thompson was the highest-drafted Canadian-

Any Given Saturday: Reg Season Wrap-Up


Notre Dame and Alabama meeting in the national title game is the closest-possible equivalent to a last supper for the Bowl Championship Series, one last, dying wish before the

Gun Control Is The New Civil Rights


“From my cold, dead hands”––Charlton Heston (actor, former president of the NRA)


You remember that quote right? While speaking at a NRA