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“No Good N*gger” Rant At Mike Tomlin Shows Importance Of Taking A Knee


Athletes of color face a fight which only they can understand, a fight which occurs both on and off the field.

Away from the glare of pro sports, they fight a battle against a different type of opposition, one which uses the color of their sk

Von Miller’s Ridiculous Penalty Shows NFL Was All Up In Their Feelings


All weekend the sports world was ablaze in the aftermath of Trump's comments directed towards athletes and the NFL. Teams, pla

The Aging of Jim Brown From Social Activist To Republican Minion


Jim Brown was at one time the consensus best football player to ever play in the National Football League but hes no longer that guy. Once upon a time, he was considered by some to be the prototype of black masculinity. I can still recall movies li

Skipping The White House Would Be Golden State’s Best Move This Year


The saga of professional athletes and free speech continues as the Golden State Warriors mull whether to attend the White House. It's a tradition for most pro franchises that win the title to rub elbows with the president and bask in the pageantry

The Racial Twitter-Lynching Of Dexter Fowler


Everything was all good just a few months ago for Dexter Fowler. He was a member of the World Championship Cubs and was getting much love from their fans before his departure to St. Louis in the offseason.

Since arriving in St. Louis, Fowler

Moving The Goalposts


U.S. presidents have historically taken a healthy interest in sports and recreation. Through time, their play, their fandom, or their encouragement have shaped their constituents outlook on the role of sport in society.

The example of Tedd

Once Again, Cris Carter Unnecessarily Plays “Captain Sav-A-Bro” for White Players