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Serena Williams Snags Her 18th Grand Slam Title In Shutdown Fashion


Today's sports universe is dominated and dictated by hyperbole, two-minute hype and over analysis. The average player is considered unworthy of his status. Every good player is great. Every grea

SCREEN TIME: Lamann Rucker


Acting wasn’t always Lamman Rucker’s first choice. Yes, he’s been in a multitude of movies, on soap operas, and TV shows. But at one point, Rucker thought basketball was hi

SCREEN TIME: Will Packer


Words manifest. When clearly focused and spoken, letters floating in air take solid form transitioning from chatter to effective matter. Movie producer Will Packer has proven this theory. Studying electrical engineering a

REEL TALK: Isaiah Washington’s Blue Caprice


Mention Isaiah Washington’s name and thoughts of controversy come up. Thoughts of his ousting on Grey’s Anatomy, and shunning from Hollywood, overshadow the more important truths about this man. H

Welcome To The NCAA-Hating Party


Johnny Manziel’s alleged autograph business has had an interesting effect, hasn’t it? More than ever, the public and media are taking the NCAA to task for the way it does business. Curiously, none of them saw these problems when Terrell

Please Jam: There’ll Never Be An Era As Great As The ’90s


(Editors' note: Earlier this month, in honor of Black Music Month, EIC Vince Thomas and associate editor James Carr decided to flip thr script with Please Jam and, instead of James' sending Vince new tracks to listen to, Vince would dig

The “Black Name” Hustle


Jabari, Shaniqua, Calasia, Rasul, Mustafa, Imani, Tyquan, Tyesha.

David, Sarah, Sean, Michael, Nicole, James, Samantha, Sarah, Alex.

Two sets of names. Two sets of realities. Ask yourself which one you prefer. How you feel about the

While You Were Working: Rutgers Gave Tim Pernetti $1.2 Mil, An iPad And A...


Former Rutgers AD Tim Pernetti will get $1.2 million, an iPad and a car allowance for his settlement package.

TSL’s 5-on-5: If The Spurs Crash The Finals, Will You Watch?


QUESTION 1: The Spurs are rolling, sans Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili. How mad/bored would you be if San Antonio crashed the Finals party?

SANDY: I wouldn’t even be mad, and the Spurs are FAR f

“The Chronic”: When Dr. Dre Put ‘Conscious’ Rap In The Coffin


On this 20th anniversary of the December 15th release of the Chronic, I’ll admit it: Before I even heard the entire game-changing, California-soaked, weed-induced 1992 Dr. Dre masterpiece, I was on full-blown hate.