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D.C.’s MLB All-Star Week Is Dripping With Diversity


As Major League Baseballs All-Star game rolls into Washington D.C., once known as the Chocolate City, the league has stepped up its already commendable efforts to capture and celebrate baseballs

MLB Promotes Tony Reagins To Executive VP Of Baseball Development


As Major League Baseball continues to promote, seek and develop diversity f

MLB’s Hall of Fame Has Become The Hall of Game


The Baseball Hall of Fame is losing credibility at the same rate as our POTUS. The Baseball Writer's Association of America's voting process has become the Wild Wild West. Theres no longer any legitimate basis for induction or exc

Albert Pujols Hit 600 Homers And Nobody Cares


Albert Pujols, arguably the greatest all-around hitter of his generation, became just the ninth player in MLB history to hit 600 homers. And nobody gave a hoot. The crowd excitement was on point, but there were some empty seats at Angel Stadium of

My Baseball Hall of Fame Ballot


On Wednesday, the Baseball Writers Association of America Hall of Fame voting results will be announced.

And normally, there's at least one sure thing or even two. Last year, there was no debate that Ken Griffey, Jr. was a lock to make it

Called Out At Home


The Austin Institute for the Study of Family and Culture recently released a new study which posits that the decline in Black U.S. male baseball participation is coincident with the decreased presence of Black fatherhood in the home.

The s

Lionel Messi Lives In No One’s Shadow


How do you define greatness?

Some people define it through success. In sports, that means championships.

But, greatness in championships is a narrow definition. It denies the physical gifts and talents that people are born with. It d

Barry Bonds Is Getting Into The Hall of Fame


The takeaway from this year's Baseball Writers' Association of America Hall of Fame voting is very clear.

Wake the kids. Call the neighbors. Say it out loud and proud. Barry Bonds - arguably the best hitter this generation has seen with or

Mike Trout Is The Most Underpaid Player In Pro Sports


After Mike Trout bum-rushed the MLB set like a category 6 hurricane this epic past season, you’d think the Los Angeles Angels would try to keep that boy fed and

The Baseball HOF Is Throwing A Padlock On Its Doors


It‘s that time of year for baseball to anoint one or more bad-ass baseball players to the Hall of Fame. Unfortunately, if recent ex