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The Knicks Can’t Win For Losing 


The Knicks were willing to lower themselves to a level reserved for meager expansion franchises, abominations masquerading as pro sports entities and hopeless small market clubs with no resources or real swag to attract the best players in the

Bo Ryan’s Badgers Were The Team of The Tournament, Even in Defeat


Everybody took notice of Wisconsin head coach Bo Ryan last night, when after the Badgers 68-63 loss to Duke in the National Championship game, he had some bitter words about the officiating, the current state of college basketball and how he pre

The Duke Dynasty That Will Never Be


Dukes 68-63 upset of Wisconsin in Monday nights 2015 NCAA Championship game is everything thats great about college basketball. The improbable finish, incredible plays by unheralde

For Andrew Harrison And Kentucky, It Was All Good Just A Week Ago…


There is no better than adversity. Every defeat, every heartbreak, every loss, contains its own seed, its own lesson on how to improve your performance the next time.

Malcolm X

March Madness 2015: Welcome to the Kentucky Invitational


With the way this season has progressed, this years March Madness should definitely be re-christened as The University of Kentucky Invitational. Last night, they began their quest for perfection by dissecting the overmatched Hampton Pirates in t

Talented NCAA Big Men: Ongoing Phenomenon or Cyclical Happenstance?


The death of the traditional big man has been a hot topic in basketball for at least ten years with the modernization of the professional and collegiate versions of basketball.  With popular utilization of spread offenses and scoring point

March Madness Media Mosh Pit: Reggie Miller 


NBA analyst and three-point-launching legend Reggie Miller attended CBS and Turner Sports NCAA Media Day and The Shadow League sat down with the five-time All-Star and picked his brain about his beloved UCLA Bruins program, age

March Madness Media Mosh Pit: Charles Barkley  


The Shadow League attended CBS and Turner Sports NCAA Media Day and interviewed a bunch of NBA greats, celebrity sports journalists and media movers and shakers in anticipation of another emotionally-riveting March Madness run.

30 Years After Patrick Ewing, The New York Knicks Are Tanking Towards An ’85...



Joel Embiid Is Becoming The Center of The College Basketball Universe


Like life, sports can be fickle. Heroes today can be zeroes the next and vice versa. Jabari Parker knows this firsthand. Currently, the Duke star is mired in a slump of epic proportions.

Apparently, he left his silky, smooth jumper in