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The Presidential Debate II In Tweets


Last week, Mitt Romney had Barack Obama on the ropes in the debate game. Tuesday, Obama showed us he’s not falling for the okie-doke. Romney wasn’t as flustered as, say, Paul Ryan versus Joe Biden; but Obama called Romney’s bluf

Duncan or Bust for Davis?


If you went to the hood, walked in a KFC and received absolutely wretched customer service, how would you react? You’d probably just be quietly annoyed, get your food and go on about your day, right? It wouldn’t matter if the teenage

Cops’ Version Of Reported Masai Ujiri Incident Doesn’t Pass The Smell Test

For Masai, the chips with dip were all in this year, but a cop with a complex could've F'ed it all up on the...

Brian Dawkins Hits Hard, But Unchecked Depression Almost Took Him Out


There are reasons why many are afraid to venture across the middle of the NFL gridiron; one of those reasons was Brian Dawkins. 

The hard-hitting safety from Clemson roamed the NFL secondary for 16 seasons, 13 with the Eagles and 3 with

Jonathan Martin Was About To Go Full Rambo When Cops Arrested Him


Former Miami Dolphins offensive lineman Jonathan Martin needs to get some serious help. He apparently had multiple weapons in his possession when

Golden State And Cleveland Are Cakewalking To The NBA Finals


Golden State and Cleveland didnt needed any extra help in trying to reach a third-consecutive NBA Finals appearance, but just i

2016-17 NBA Preview: Boston Is Ready To Rule The Atlantic Division


As we approach the opening tip of the 2016-17 NBA regular season, The Shadow League looks at every one of the leagues six divisions and the players who will make this year an unforgettable one. Today, we examine what's soon to be popping in the div

Five Early NBA Playoff Disappointments 


The NBA playoffs are an exciting time of year for many reasons.  Some get hyped over the prospects of seeing how well their favorite superstar navigates the turbulent winds of the postseason, while others root for the