Pacquiao vs. Spence Thumbs Nose At Bob Arum

The boxing world went a flutter when it was revealed that Manny Pacquiao would be the next opponent for Errol Spence, Jr.

After a healthy campaign on behalf of the fans for a Errol Spence vs. Terence Crawford fight, they were rewarded with an out of nowhere blockbuster bout. Now August 21st in Las Vegas, the legendary Manny Pacquiao will attempt to treat Errol Spence, Jr., the way he treated Keith Thurman back in 2019.

However, the deeper made with the fight is that amidst all the shenanigans in boxing, Al Haymon, advisor to many of boxing’s stars, knows how to get it done.

From the shadows, he inks deals and tells no tales while his promotional “competitors” stall and verbally dance in front of every camera and microphone that approaches.

Top Rank founder and chairman, Bob Arum, is probably Haymon’s most vocal promotional critic. He has made claims on the past that Haymon uses the defensive race angle to deter Black fighters from working with white promoters.

Meanwhile, Arum lost some of his biggest fighters to Haymon like Pacquiao, who is Filipino. Now hitting the latter part of his fighting years, Pacquiao knows that to exit the game on top he has to execute a masterful gameplan replete with new energy.

That meant strengthening his MP Promotions and aligning with Haymon and his Premier Boxing Champions brand. Now, Pacquiao, who has never shirked a good challenge takes on arguably the world’s best currently active welterweight.

It is a study in iconoclastic business practices where one lets the results speak for them while the other speaks to the public about the travails of the game.

Arum has been publicly at odds with Terence Crawford, claiming his lack of self-promotion is detrimental to his business. Crawford went on the offensive, and many believed that would create an opening for Haymon and Crawford to make a deal that would lead to the fight everyone wants to see.

Although no one knows if Crawford and Haymon are talking, the latter wasted no time in keeping it moving for boxing.

Pacquiao has been inactive for two years. For his next bout to be Errol Spence, there is no room for complaints from both the diehard and casual fans.

It confirms what was always a partisan opinion, that Al Haymon is the most powerful man in boxing. Manny Pacquiao vs. Errol Spence does more than confirm it.

It obliterates the idea that there is any competition for that throne.

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