Pacquiao Agrees To Mayweather Terms

Manny Pacquiao has agreed to fight Floyd Mayweather on May 2nd, 2015. The long awaited, highly anticipated fight is all but set, all that is needed is Mayweather's approval.

The fight would take place at the MGM Grand Garden and is set to have a 60/40 purse split favoring Mayweather. Mayweather and his money team are expected to make $120 million from this fight. This obviously means ticket prices will be extremely high, with the best ringside tickets going for $5,000. With Mayweather signed exclusively to Showtime and Pacquiao to HBO it is not clear if one or both networks will broadcast the fight. These have been the two best fighters on the planet since 2009, its only fair that we get to find out whose the best before they become eligible foe AARP.