Over 20,000 Tickets Were Sold For Overwatch League Finals Event

Blizzard announced that the first-ever Overwatch League Grand Finals have sold out. More than 20,000 tickets were purchased to mark the largest eSports event ever slated at Barclays Center.

Thanks to gaming integrations within widely known establishments like the NBA and broadcasted competitions with famous celebrities, eSports’ has officially entered the mainstream market.

It’s popularity has continued to grow within the United States not only amongst avid gaming fans but also curious viewers.

Overwatch League on Twitter

We are officially sold out! Thank you, Overwatch League fans! Tune in July 27 and 28 to see which team will #CaptureHistory and become the first-ever Overwatch League champion!

This industry’s steadfast ascension and profitable margins have made enough of an impact for the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) to consider adding eSports into high school programs. All of this together depicts a bigger picture, even beyond the Overwatch League’s record-breaking moment. Soon enough, players will slowly become more household names, celebrities will begin to invest on a larger scale within this business and ultimately, tournaments will sell out on a grandeur scale.

So, if you haven’t been paying attention, I suggest you do, starting off with this league’s upcoming competition.

Voting for the Overwatch League All-Star Game, powered by Intel, is now open to pit the most popular players in the Atlantic and Pacific divisions into the event. Voting will end at Stage 4 on June 17. Starters will be announced the week of June 18 and reserves the week after. All-Star Game and related festivities are scheduled for August 25-26 at Blizzard Arena in Los Angeles.

Carpe – Philadelphia Fusion | The Turning Point | Overwatch League

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