“Other Shows Are Taking Pages Out Of Stephen A’s Book” | ESPNs Ryan Clark Takes Subtle Jab At Skip Bayless’s Undisputed Reboot

On Monday, FS1’s hit sports debate show “Undisputed” returned to the airwaves. The show had been off since former co-host Shannon Sharpe left in mid-June.

Upon return, the show has a handful of new faces, ranging from Pro Football Hall of Famer Michael Irvin, former NFL wide receiver and 1996 No. 1 overall pick Keyshawn Johnson and former All-Pro cornerback Richard Sherman. The show will also include rapper Lil Wayne on Fridays, the legendary emcee is a close friend of Bayless. 

While it remains to be seen how this is gonna play out, Monday’s first episode was anything but smooth. During Monday’s episode of rival ESPN’s top-rated debate show, “First Take,” NFL analyst Ryan Clark seemed to take a subtle jab at how Bayless and FS1 decided to reboot their show. 

Clark Throwing Darts At Bayless? 

As the crew engaged in a segment about top QB-WR duos, Clark took the opportunity to mess with Smith about the power he holds at ESPN and in decision-making for “First Take.” It was believed to be an indirect shot at Skip Bayless and the free-for-all that was his debut show since Sharpe departed.

“This is what we do know,” Clark said. “As Stephen A. is doing things, pulling from other show, other shows are taking pages from Stephen A’s book. But we’re not gonna talk about that today. Maybe that’s a topic for a podcast conversation.”

It’s pretty obvious, Clark was referring to Bayless and “Undisputed” adding former ESPN guys, Keyshawn and Irvin. And it isn’t a coincidence that he said this on Monday.

With “First Take” beginning 30 minutes after “Undisputed” on the East Coast, it’s highly plausible he saw the opening introductions of the day’s first show. The former Pittsburgh Steelers safety didn’t miss an opportunity to take a jab at Bayless either. 

Undisputed Might Be A Unmitigated Disaster

Attempting to replicate the “First Take “motto is one thing, but having that egocentric trio of Key, Irvin and Sherm may not be the way to go.

During Monday’s show there were many times that Bayless, the show’s host, could barely get a word in. 

Maybe they’ll get it rectified, but with the aforementioned Sharpe set to join “First Take” next Monday, the folks at FS1 need to figure out a better formula. If not, they won’t stand a chance in ratings once “Uncle Shay Shay” joint SAS. 

The power of a Lil’ Wayne intro and a team of former All-Pros going at it every day will have to carry the new ‘Undisputed’ until the chemistry is worked out.

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