Oregon’s Student Athletes Can’t Catch A Break From The NCAA

While the NCAA continues to stand its ground on not paying college athletes, they still find ways to punish them for trying to make money. Oregon basketball players Dominic Artis and Ben Carter will be suspended for 9-12 games for selling player exclusive sneakers to make money. Just in case you forgot, Oregon is the same place where Josh Huff from the football team got his birthday being shut down after he charged people to attend.

From ESPN :

Artis and Carter will have to donate the money they received for selling the shoes to charity, per NCAA rules. The money will be paid on a payment plan.

Oregon coach Dana Altman, who appeared on the ESPNU college basketball podcast Monday, was holding out hope for a final ruling before the team left Eugene on Tuesday.

The NCAA and Oregon were working on a resolution in the three days prior to departing for Seoul. Oregon senior associate athletic director Craig Pintens said the school learned during the course of the investigation that Artis and Carter wouldn't be allowed to travel but they waited for clarification from the NCAA.

Altman said the two players have been no trouble since they arrived but they "made a mistake."

This is another reason why the NCAA needs to figure out a way to offer these players compensation. It seems that every week a player tries a legit and legal way to make money to support themselves, but the NCAA always gets in the way of it. The greedy NCAA wants all the cake for itself, and the more players that get punished only serves to prove that point.