Only Suckers Complain About Replacement Refs

Admittedly, the replacement referees have been subpar. You could even say incompetent or shaky. Go ahead; say they suck, do it. Yeah, they’re calling ticky-tack stuff and missing obvious no-brainers. There were 24 accepted penalties in last night’s game. That’s a lot, by the way. That Ravens-Patriots game had all kinds of slack moments. Your man, New England coach Bill Belichick, put hands on another man. It wasn’t inadvertent nor did he nudge him slightly. Nope, none of that. He put hands on that ref like he expected to shoot a fair one with him. It was disrespectful and unprofessional. If that ref would have stopped and snuck him in the grill, he would have been within his rights. He showed a lot of restraint, more than most of us.

But back to the over-arching theme. The refs have to go, right? Look at what happened in the Niners-Vikings game where Jim Harbaugh was allowed to challenge a play even after he exhausted all his timeouts. Or during the Redskins-Bengals, Washington TE Fred Davis got called for a false start penalty AFTER Robert Griffin III spiked the ball. Yeah after…that’s funny right?

But let me explain what isn’t funny.

All this bickering and uproar from coaches, fans and members of the media.

Sorry, but, grown men are fighting for their paychecks and none of us can appreciate that? They’re battling against the NFL, the most powerful sports league in the nation. What did you think was going to happen? The players went through this last year, so their discontent is especially pathetic.  You want the NFL to fix it and get these replacement refs back to their day jobs? Well, make a bigger fuss. Don’t go on Twitter, like a loser, complaining. See what’s up with NFLPA. Get involved on a higher level. Come out in support for the full-time guys. Show solidarity and make such a racket that the NFL is forced to deal with this and end the lockout.

I'm tired of dudes talking about the integrity of the game issues are at hand. Well, you guys are the driving force behind this whole operation and this is the best you can do?  Not to mention, what's the upside of getting pissed at the replacement refs, when they’re just doing the best they can? Of course they’re struggling, why wouldn’t they? You got guys in here who teach high school chemistry trying to legislate in the quickest, most complicated, most violent league in existence. What, you thought they were going to come in and the transition would be seamless? Shut up and do something. Otherwise stop complaining. Let these men fight for their money and keep it moving.