Ole Miss’ Marshall Henderson Clowns SEC En Route To Conference Title

While the vast majority of college hoops observers assumed Florida was a lock to pop Ole Miss' bubble, Marshall ‘Mathers’ Henderson had alternate plans on getting himself a ‘fat ring’ of the SEC Championship variety. The SEC's leading scorer during the regular season also claimed that he sought to make a name for himself against Florida so he could 'get that money'.

On Saturday, his attempts to make his name known nationally got him in a bit of trouble. It's nothing he's a stranger to. Reportedly, he was even banned from the SEC Conference Tournament podium for his postgame press conference remarks. In Ole Miss' upset win over Florida, Henderson followed through on his vow to 'go balls to the wall' in the SEC Title Game by putting up 21 points in the win. The Rebels trailed by 12 at the half, but the nation's sixth-best scoring offense outscored Florida 40-25 in the second half. Even without a postgame press conference, the nation definitely know what his name is now.

Yeah, this kid is a rebel with his own cause. Looks like he likes having the bullseye on his back though.

He even endeared himself to Florida fans by doing the Gator chomp in front of their fan section. Mockery is after all, the sincerest form of flattery.

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