Week 12 was joyous for some teams, some were disastrous for others, and some were just the same old results from the previous weeks.

Teams that have continued to impress me are the Pats, Packers, Bucs and Ravens. I’m still not convinced when it comes to the Cowboys, Titans, Rams and Bills.

They all have games in which you’d think they’d be feared come playoff time but then drop a game or two that they should have won.

The Fins, Falcons, Bengals and Colts raise my brows while the Jets, Giants, Jags and Lions all need to start to plan locker cleanouts and fishing charters.

After week 13, I think things will be crystal-clear, and we can start conversations about playoffs and positioning. With 17 games this season, storylines and dreams are extended, but so are those nightmares.








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