O.J. Simpson Claims Brain Cancer, Asks Obama for Clemency

For some, former Hall of Fame NFL running back and convicted felon O.J. Simpson is beyond the realm of forgiveness. His alleged involvement in the murder of ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman still permeates the minds of most Americans whenever O.J. is in the news. Couple that with his conviction for armed robbery and kidnapping in Nevada and one can see how you would roll your eyes in disgust at any story involving clemency for him.

Yet, that’s exactly what this story is.  Simpson, who is serving a 33-year-sentence, is asking for clemency from President Barack Obama because he thinks he has a brain tumor. He has begun stuttering, has blurred vision, and is suffering from hearing loss since his imprisonment. But Simpson has not been diagnosed with cancer as of yet.

However, even if O.J. was actually diagnosed with the potentially deadly ailment, there’s little chance that Obama would grant his request.  Simpson is still radioactive from a P.R. standpoint and the POTUS is likely well aware of how such an act would affect his constituency.