“No Slides, No Armpits, No Wife-Beaters” | Deion Sanders Details Presentation Expectations For His Football Players

Deion Sanders has always been a clean-cut athlete. One who believes in the mantra “if you look good you perform good,” and that’s not just on the field.

It also applies to the classroom and anything you do. Look the part and play the part is what Coach Prime is preaching to his team.

In a recent team meeting, Sanders talked to his guys about comportment and how he won’t tolerate certain things from his young men.

As JSU’s football squad the came together in the brand new team meeting room, Sanders was blunt and straightforward about what his expectations are for his team in the presentation department.

Sanders Lays Down The Law: Cleanliness Is A  Virtue

“I want you to listen to me clearly and succinctly. No slides. No armpits exposed. No wife-beaters. Sit in the front of the classroom and be the perfect gentleman, because when it comes down to it and you need help, that professor is going to recall your character and who you’ve been consistently in that class.”

Sanders Demands Proper Presentation Daily 

“Now, make sure you shower before you go to class. I don’t want to get a report that you was in some bull-junk in our apparel, representing us. Kids in the back of the class making noise, he’s free-styling to the whole class while I was trying to teach it with a Jackson State football shirt on. Not going to happen. When it gets back to me, it’s going to get back to your position coaches first, and then it’s going to get back to me. When it gets back to me, it’s going to be a problem.”

Typical Coach Prime, setting the precedent as his Tigers look to repeat as SWAC champions. Last year he had good friend and Pro Football Hall of Famer Michael Strahan bless the team with custom suits from Strahan’s custom line.

“If you look good, you feel good,” is what Coach Prime said at the time of the suits being unveiled.

Sanders And Jackson State Need To Finish The Job This Time Around

Upon arrival at Jackson State, Sanders immediately changed the culture. The team won their first SWAC championship since 2007 in his first full season at the helm. But a 31-10 shellacking at the hands of the South Carolina State Bulldogs humbled Sanders and his rising Tigers program.

That humbling caused Sanders to go out and make some changes to his staff. He first brought a new offensive coordinator in Brett Bartolone from Nevada.

His job is to create a scheme that fits the skill set of Coach Prime’s son and starting QB Shedeur Sanders. Coach Prime then added renowned tight ends coach Tim Brewster, who just helped develop former Florida tight end Kyle Pitts into becoming the highest-drafted at the position in NFL history.

Coach Prime wasn’t done, as he also added his former defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer to the mix. The defensive-minded Zimmer will be an analyst and help in many areas but with a focus on the defense.

Adding the nation’s No. 1 overall recruit in Travis Hunter doesn’t hurt. He also added another top-50 recruit in Kevin Coleman. Throw in 17 impactful transfers, and the Tigers are primed to make another run at the SWAC championship and Celebration Bowl.

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And you’d better believe they’ll be clean as they enter and leave the stadium. 

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