Beats By Dre Puts Nigerian Women’s Bobsled Team Back In The Spotlight

In the past, the very idea of equatorial countries fielding cold weather athletes was the fodder of Disney comedies.  Today its a reality, one highlighted by our own J.R. Gamble.

Its been 29 years since the Jamaican Bobsled teams historic Olympic debut made history in Calgary. History returned to Calgary on Thursday when three Nigerian women finished fifth in their qualifying race and will represent Nigeria as the first-ever African bobsled team to qualify for the Olympics, and the countrys first-ever representatives at the Winter Olympics, wrote Gamble in his original piece.

Now, not only have the Nigerian women qualified for the Olympics in South Korea, but theyre also getting some grandiose endorsements as well, as Beats By Dre took to the mountains to capture the team’s preparation. 

Beats By Dre | Women’s Team Representing Nigeria | AboveTheNoise

No one expected a women’s bobsled team from Africa to make it to winter sports’ biggest stage, but they’re here now. They’ve already made history, but their story is just beginning.

Joining them in Pyeongchang, are, ironically, the women of Jamaica, who fields its first bobsled team in Olympic history. 

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