Nick Young Vs. BlueFace | A Classic California Clash Or Reality Boxing Gone Wrong?

There is violence in the air, and with all of these celebrity boxing matches taking place, Ice Cube might as well bring back celebrity deathmatch.

Along with former star running backs Le’Veon Bell and Adrian Peterson, ex-basketball player Nick Young will be boxing rapper BlueFace.

In this West Coast showdown, former Los Angeles Lakers Guard Nick Young, 37, aka “Swaggy P,” and Los Angeles native rapper Blueface, 25, who’s real name is Jonathan Porter, will be boxing in the former Staples Center (now renamed Crypto Arena) on July 30. 

The fight was announced Friday, June 10, in an instagram post by Young, with a caption saying “It’s Official!!! Battle OF LA it’s going down!!! The super Crip Vs Sr SWAGGY”.

The announcement already has NBA players, fans and celebrities excited for the matchup.

This boxing card will also feature multiple other undercards that night, with the highly anticipated Bell-Peterson, Landon McBroom versus Adam Saleh, reality stars Cory Wharton and Chase Demoor will clash, and the main fight featuring viral YouTubers Austin McBroom and AneSonGib.

This is going to be an interesting fight for all of these competitors, but it’s always a little extra intriguing when former athletes step into the ring, most of them expecting to have some type of physical advantage.

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This may remain the case when it comes to Young-Blueface, as a 6 feet 7 Nick Young will have a height advantage over Blueface, who stands 6-4. Blueface last fought at 155 pounds, while Young comes in at 210 pounds. With Young being the former athlete who’s still in peak physical condition, he should be able to thoroughly dominate the West Coast rapper in the ring.

Tale Of The Tape

But before one jumps to conclusions, “it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog.” Blueface is by no means a pushover when it comes to these boxing exhibitions. He was signed to Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship last year in 2021 and even won a fight against Tik Tok Star Kane Trujillo by unanimous decision in a three-round gloved amateur fight last year.

So while Nick Young is a size mismatch for Blueface, Blueface has the leg up in fighting experience. But at the end of the day it’s only a small amount of experience, and Blueface isn’t a real accomplished fighter, nor has he fought anyone noteworthy, or someone who is seriously aligned with the boxing profession. With good trainers, Young may easily be able to dismantle Blueface in the ring.

These two have a lot to prove in this fight. Both hailing from L.A. and being very prideful men, they want to win in their home city. Especially for Swaggy P, who dazzled these very Los Angeles fans for five years when he played for the Lakers.

The same goes for Blueface, whose hit song “Thotiana” helped him become a household name and B-List celebrity in his town.

The last thing he wants to do is get beaten up by a retired basketball player in front of his friends and family at the Crypto Arena.

While this isn’t the main fight, this undercard match should prove to be an interesting one with not only bragging rights on the line, but reputations and pride as well.

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