Nick Cannon Cast As “Freeway” Rick Ross

Nick Cannon has established himself as a boss in Hollywood, but now he's going to play a real don. In the near future, Cannon is set to play Rick Ross in an upcoming biopic penned by Nick Cassavetes, who wrote 2001’s cult coke classic, Blow. While gaining twice his current body weight and a scraggly beard would display Oscar-worthy commitment, Cannon isn’t playing Maybach Music’s Rick Ross. Instead, he’s been cast as notorious drug lord “Freeway” Rick Ross.

In their grainy video annnouncement, Ross appeared beside Cannon explaining his long-standing desire to see Cannon bring his versatile skills to the role.

"I’ve been wanting him to play my role since ’96," Freeway said. "We got hooked up, I met him I love his personality, know what I’m saying?"

That doesn’t sound right at all, given that Nick Cannon is only 32 years old and didn’t even make his first screen appearance until ‘98. There’s no way he’s been wanting Nick Cannon to play him since his pre-wig wearing All That days. Turns out Nick Cannon was in an indie film back in 2008 called American Boy that takes place over a 96 hour period. Ross had to have confused the title, otherwise he may have started a trend of historical figures grooming the actors to portray them on film from childhood.

Aside from BET's Real Husbands of Housewives where he plays himself, Cannon hasn't flexed his acting muscle much recently, but based on his past character archetypes this will be the most challenging role of his career.

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