NFL Scouts Watch Johnny Manziel, But Colin Kaepernick Gets No Love

Johnny Manziel can play football. It’s the one thing that he’s always been able to do. He didn’t become the first freshman to win a Heisman Trophy while at Texas A&M because he was handsome or could spit a lethal 16 bars. His talent was never debatable.

His discipline, character and mental health was always in question.

The Rise And Fall Of Johnny Manziel (Emotional

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Even in college when he was racking up sick numbers, frequenting celebrity parties, exhibiting questionable decision-making and flashing the “Show Me The Money” finger rub after scoring, NFL teams were cautious to pick him.

Ultimately, he was selected with the 22nd pick of the 2014 Draft by the woeful Cleveland Browns and quickly became another high pick quarterback bust by a team that is known for its draft day ineptitude and poor decision making.

So when Manziel threw today at University of San Diego in his own “Pro Day”, no one was surprised that he was sharp for the 12 teams in attendance, completing 36 of 38 passes in the light rain.

Adam Schefter on Twitter

Johnny Manziel threw today at the University of Sam Diego. 12 teams in attendance. 38 attempts. 2 misses. Light rain. Strong day say those in attendance.

Those In attendance say he had a strong day. What else did we expect? His throwing satisfies teams who may have doubts about whether he still has the physical goods, but the issue with any team that decides to invest in a risk that is Johnny Football is whether or not he can stay out of trouble, off the drugs, out of jail and out of the clubs.

Manziel’s draft drop didn’t teach him any lessons as he entered the NFL and lost his mind, getting caught up in domestic disputes and other issues and eventually he found himself out of the league.

Earlier this month, in an exclusive interview with Good Morning America, a new Manziel reflected on his “downfall” from the NFL, bipolar disorder, depression and his past problems off the football field. He claimed he was a changed man and ready for a fresh start in the league.

Good Morning America on Twitter

Former NFL star @JManziel2 reflects on ‘mistakes,’ reveals bipolar diagnosis in an exclusive interview with @tjholmes.

Manziel claims he has matured, but that’s not something teams can assess in one Pro Day workout.

K.C. Alfred on Twitter

Johnny Manziel looked sharp throwing for @USDToreros pro day, then took some photos with students after. @JManziel2

The road back to the NFL for Johnny Manziel has nothing to do with throwing a football. Once he figures that out, the league will welcome him back with open arms.

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