NFL Player Terrell Lewis Chased Down Hallway By Naked Escort After He Tried To ‘Smash and Dash’

On Saturday, OnlyFans model MIA💞 on X posted an explicit video of a woman with tattoos on her body chasing a man down a hallway in a hotel. 

He was running, well, like he stole something! To her credit, the jilted sex worker probably ran track in high school because she wasn’t far behind the NFL player. 

FOX Sports radio host Rob Parker told TSL, “It looked like a common smash and dash.”

Which is when a “customer” tries to run out on a bill.

Terrell Lewis Signed $1.05M Contract

If this is all true, and the video footage suggests it is, then Lewis could possibly be cut. It’s an even worse look considering Terrell Lewis signed a 1 year , $1,055,000 contract with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2024.

The video includes a naked woman chasing after a man she alleges to be Lewis with the caption “We got a runner”.

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NFL Player Terrell Lewis Robs Sex Worker?

Mia Mercy alleges that the sheisty individual in the video is former Alabama and current Philadelphia Eagles linebacker Terrell Lewis. She tagges him and tagged several coaches on his former team, the LA Chargers.

After the incident, Lewis went private on social media.

The former five-star, top-100 prospect from St. John’s High School in Washington, D.C signed with Nick Saban’s and Alabama in 2016, significant contributions to the programs’ 2017 College Football Playoff National Championship win over the Georgia Bulldogs. Lewis came through with a crucial sack of Georgia quarterback Jake Fromm in overtime.

Lewis finished his collegiate career with 58 tackles, 14.5 tackles for loss, eight sacks, three pass breakups, and one forced fumble in 26 games played at Alabama, before being drafted No. 84 (Round 3) by the Los Angeles Rams in the 2020 NFL draft. 

Lewis Injury Prone

He was also a member of the Rams team that won Super Bowl LVI. He  signed with the Philadelphia Eagles during the 2024 Free Agency cycle and is currently a member of the team.

Since the moment Terrell Lewis was drafted by the Rams in the third round in 2020, he’s been labeled as a high-risk player due to his injury history in college.

Those concerns carried into the NFL. In his first two seasons, he played just 19 games, missing time due to a knee injury and also as a healthy scratch in 2021.

Offer The IG Star A 10-Day Contract: She Has Closing Speed

It’s good to see that the knee looks great as far as his acceleration and mobility. Lewis hightailed it out of that hotel room like he scooped a fumble recovery down 3 with 0 second left on the clock and nothing but green grass and pay dirt in his sights. Eagles will be happy to know he’s healthy. 

On the flip side, this world class athlete — 6-foot-5 and 265 pounds of pure muscle – was almost tracked down by a naked woman in her bare feet.  That hallway is a straightaway just like what they run on during the 40-yard dash at the NFL Combine 

Hopefully she gets her money back and if I’m Philly I’m offering her a 10-day contract.

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