NFL May Incorporate NCAA’s Rule On Ejections

According to former NFL lead official Mike Pereira; the NFL may incorporate an NCAA rule, which will call for a player to be ejected if they intentionally target another player’s head.  Pereira argues that frequent concussions in the NFL will ultimately eliminate upcoming young talent. 


“The NFL has the same issues as college,” Pereira said. “This isn’t all about college football. The rules are about parents who don’t want to put their kids in Pop Warner football because they are scared of all coverage about concussions. So young kids are being turned away from the game. Those on the college and pro level have a responsibility to make the game safer on all levels. I have news for you: if the game dries up on the Pop Warner level, it will on every other level, too. There is no college or NFL football. It’s a trickle-up effect.”

Precautions have to be taken, but is this the right call for the NFL? This rule will be entirely a judgment call that will lead to key players being ejected, which will drastically affect the outcomes of games.  On the other hand, the NFL is making an effort to protect its players. This rule will certainly be hotly debated during the NFL season, as you can expect to see many players tossed.