New York Jets QB Zach Wilson’s Mom Lisa Wants You To Stop Trying To Holler At Her Friends | That Includes You, Colin Cowherd

New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson’s Mom, Lisa, and her friends are now the talk of the sports game. Now that her son’s possible hookup with her best friend is the stuff of legend, she would like the masses to back up off her friend’s lists and timelines.

Since the word got out that Zach Wilson might peruse his mother’s circle as a potential dating pool, the world wants to know if they can connect with the mommy hotties as well. Now Lisa is asking the world to pretty please stop bothering her homegirls because whether the rumor is true or not, they are not trying to be in these streets.

“My friends are freaking amazing. By the way, stop calling my friends, you’re annoying them. They’re like Lisa these people are crazy. I’m like yeah, I know. Stop calling my friends.”

Earlier this week, Wilson’s ex-girlfriend Abbey Gile accused him of cheating on her with one of his mom’s best friends.

After trending on social media for a few days while remaining radio silent, Wilson has finally re-engaged to address the rumor that his ex-girlfriend Abby Giles floated, accusing Wilson of cheating on her with one of his Mom’s best friends.

Over the weekend, Giles responded to a social media post that displayed a picture of Gile and Washington Commanders wide receiver Dax Milne surfaced online. In the comments, she was accused of being a “homie hopper” for dating Milne, an ex-teammate, close friend, and roommate at Brigham Young University.

After Gile’s post went viral, people on the Internet, including Colin Cowherd, rummaged through Lisa Wilson’s social media accounts to find out the identity of the best friend who allegedly hooked up with the NY Jets QB.

That’s when she dropped a bombshell on social media.

“He was sleeping with his mom’s best friend… that’s the real homie hopper,” Gile left in a drop-the-mic fashion.

Now Wilson has finally poked his head out on social media and responded to the direct accusation of being a potential MILF hunter that peruses his mother’s catalog of friendships.

“Took the boys to @gozzerranchclub in Idaho before camp! Poor cell service…what I miss?”

Even sports analyst Colin Cowherd tried his best to avoid this topic, but he could not let it go without mentioning it.

On Tuesday, during the final two minutes of his show, Cowherd mentioned the viral story of Zach Wilson, and tried his hardest to skirt the line of being a full-blown creeper. Until he finally admitted that he spent like 15 minutes trying to find the woman he allegedly hooked up with.


He also admitted that he couldn’t find her and finally gave up, but not without asking his co-host Joy Taylor to text him if she found it.

Ayooo! Colin Cowherd is really on the prowl. Here is what the shenanigans sounded like:

Colin:” For about 15 minutes last night the only thing I cared about was what did Zach Wilson Mom best friend looked like”

Joy:” I’m sure internet sleuths will find it”

Colin:” Nope! Nobody could because I looked”

The bittersweet victory that Zach Wilson has received from his ex-girlfriend, christening him a MILF hunter to his mother’s newfound and unwanted fame, is Colin Cowherd only confirms the perverse curiosity the world now has with the Wilsons.

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