“Never Stop” Doc Series Captures Fighting Spirit Of Spurs’ Trailblazer Becky Hammon

NBA assistant coach Becky Hammon ( the first of 8 female full-time assistant coaches in the NBA) was recently honored in San Antonio with a poetic public art piece (completed by muralist Sebastien Boileau). 

The masterpiece features an image of adolescent Becky, adorned in #25 WNBA jersey, looking up to her current self.

Becky Hammon mural by Sebastien Boileau sits prominently in San Antonio

The mural, which underscores Becky’s trailblazing career and is already inspiring young women to dream big was captured by 60 Second Docs, social media’s most prolific short-form doc company. The doc, which is now live, tells Becky’s personal story, career trajectory, and unapologetic goal of becoming an NBA Head Coach, as part of its ‘Never Stop’ video series in partnership with Cadillac. 

“It’s really moving to see my image and my story captured so beautifully in Sebastian’s mural. And ‘Never Stop’ is both the perfect motto for my drive to take on new challenges and a great metaphor for the adolescent version of myself so poetically portrayed in the piece,” said Becky Hammon.

 She continued, “and so, when I heard that the mural is receiving great feedback not only from the sports world but also drawing in visits from young women in San Antonio, I was doubly moved. The idea that my career journey can inspire others, regardless of gender, to commit to their own dreams, is extremely powerful.”

‘Never Stop’ video series tells Becky Hammon’s personal story

60 Second Doc’s short documentaries explore the stories of fearless and innovative cultural icons with a deep community connection, culminating in the reveal of a public mural celebrating their journey.

 2021 Cadillac Escalade & The Never Stop Arriving Campaign 

The 2021 Escalade has been completely redesigned.

The theme of Escalade’s “Never Stop Arriving” campaign is about being bold and brave, and always working on what’s next. It is the new campaign’s themes of bravery and stepping up to challenges that not only reflect personal road to success but the obstacles that were overcome.

“Never Stop Arriving” pays homage to the legacy that Escalade has worked to build in their industry while foreshadowing how Escalade will never stop innovating or working on what’s next. 

Put simply, they never stop arriving.

Becky Hammon Is A Gender Barrier-Obliterator

That’s why Hammon is the perfect achiever to pair with Cadillac. She’s currently the first-ever woman to be a full-time coach in the NBA. She’s the assistant coach for the San Antonio Spurs and considered the first woman in line to shatter the glass ceiling as a female NBA head coach

After a lauded high school and college basketball career (South Dakota and Colorado State) she joined the WNBA, earning seven All-Star selections and becoming the only player in league history to participate in three different All-Star games with two different teams. 

In 2014, the San Antonio Spurs named Becky as an assistant coach for the San Antonio Spurs ’14/’15 season. In the summer of 2015, Becky became the Head Coach of the Spurs NBA Summer League Team and captured the Championship. 

After four seasons on the second row of the Spurs Coaching staff, Becky was promoted to the front row on June 27, 2018, yet another historic milestone.

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