Neighbors Molly-Whoops Amazing Spider-Man 2 at Box Office

Do you remember seeing all those previews for Amazing Spider-Man 2? They likely excited some of you comic book loving folks seen from bus stop canopies to Times Square billboards.  Based on last weekend’s $92 million in ticket sales those who weren’t aware of this sci-fi travesty’s true nature – as we were at The Shadow League – may have believed it to be on the verge of hitting numbers on par with The Avengers

But that would have been wrong.  It looks like the viewing public has finally come to grips with a painful reality, Amazing Spider-Man 2 sucks.  Okay, that’s a TSL opinion, but it’s one the movie going public appears to agree with. 

The Marvel Comics sequel’s numbers are down catastrophically from last Friday.  According to Forbes, Amazing Spider-Man 2, which stars Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, was overtaken by the Seth Rogen/Zac Efron comedy Neighbors at the Mother’s Day box office. Neighbors raked in $51.1 million, and snatched the number one spot and bottom out of Amazing Spider-Man 2’s money bag as their take decreased to $37 million in its second week at the box office. 

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But how does a Marvel film lose $58 million in revenue in just its second week? When word gets out that your product is subpar, that’s how.  Neighbors didn’t just win because Spiderman sucked. Becoming the second largest opening for a comedy behind Ted, Neighbors was a hilarious film that kept many laughing from beginning to end. Unlike Spiderman which bored audiences sporadically – from beginning to end.

Neighbors and Amazing Spider-Man 2’s numbers were followed by The Other Woman, starring Cameron Diaz and Kate Upton, which brought in $9.6 million, Heaven is Real ($7 million), Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier ($5.6 million) and  Rio 2 ($5.1 million).


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