Naughty by Nature’s Treach axes wingman Vin Rock. (He’s free to become O.P.P)

    Grammy-award winning rap group Naughty by Nature has experienced the same conflicts most successful music groups experience as time goes on.

    The fact that lead-rapper Treach is tossing major heat at his career-long sidekick, Vin Rock, should not be surprising.

    Most of the great hip-hop groups go through it. Mixing business and friendship at times is like trying to figure out the Rubik's Cube blindfolded. The group is supposedly on tour, so that’s obviously adding to the tension.

    A Tribe Called Quest has had a decade of on-again, off-again feuding. Pete Rock and CL Smooth hate each other. EPMD broke up after E-double supposedly sent goons with guns to rob PMD’s crib. NWA split up and Bustah Rhymes left The Leaders of The New School for dead, and they never forgave him. The list goes on and on.

    To say these tweets by Treach imply an eminent break up for one of rap’s legendary groups is premature. First off, Treach and DJ/Producer Kay Gee had a fist fight a few years back over finances and haven’t been rocking since. Honestly, the only thing that is keeping these rap groups together is money.

    At least these artists have learned to put their differences aside to get checks and stay relevant — like the turmoil-ridden Rock groups do.

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